Gwen Stefani Leads No Doubt North American Tour

After flying solo with two albums on her own, Gwen Stefani is clearly completely back in her element with her bandmates from No Doubt by her side on the North American leg of their tour together.

Sadly, the gang isn’t debuting any new material, but for fans eager to see the long-time friends perform some of their ska-infused pop classics together on stage.

According to reviews of the band’s recent performance at the Air Canada Centre, the music itself was just as good as remembered, but even more arresting was Gwen’s on-stage physical feats. Showing off her famous bare belly, Stefani showed off by dropping down and giving the audience ten push-ups–and not the girly kind. Clearly, this pop music veteran is no longer just “a girl in the world.”

Gallery Info: No Doubt performing live in concert at the Air Canada Centre.