Gwen Stefani is Not a Fan of Fur

January 26th, 2007 // 10 Comments

Gwen Stefani wants to make one thing clear – she’s not a fur fan. There seemed to be some confusion on her fur stance after a pro-fur website listed Stefani as pro-fur.

Animal rights group People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals (peta) received a flood of calls and emails from distressed supporters who’d seen the website, prompting the charity’s Michelle Cho to write to Stefani saying, “We know you to be a compassionate person and we wanted to alert you right away.”

A representative replied, “Gwen asked me to tell you she doesn’t wear fur.”

It couldn’t have been anymore clear than that.

Gwen Stefani: ‘I Don’t Wear Fur’ [Tittle-Tattle]

By Jessica Marx

  1. babydoll

    I think Gwen should be an example to such nouveau riche people such as J-ho.

  2. Kathesia

    Good for her!! Anyone who wears fur is a horrible person and deserves to get skinned alive just like the animals do that they wear.

  3. alana

    i love fur, it’s awsome..i wear it all the time..AWSOME.

    • ALexander

      You are cruel and evil As long it is FAUX FUR Wearing REAL FUR in disgusting YES it is very beautiful I understand It is Fashion and it maybe ART But the Origin Behind Is not beautiful THAT is for sure You see?…….. Wearing REAL fur should be illegal Unless the animals are treated with care and love and are PUT down before skinned then maybe I consider it MAYBE MAYBE I am proud of GWEN

    • Frank

      Hello fur ladies,

      Some chicks just want to look hot. But you should only wear fur, if you could kill the animal yourself. It’s kinda cowardly to spent dollars on bloody skins if you can’t even face the reality of it. After all: it is slime, blood, defecation…. your fur was licked clean by the animal when it was still alive… do you still think it’s so sexy? Think about it… saliva, slime, shit, blood…

  4. AnActualHuman

    Katheisa – that’s what I love about the anti-fur crowd. Such compassion, such intelligence, such freaking juvenile simplicistic view of the world.

    Grow up and grow a brain. If I choose to wear fur then I choose to wear fur, just like if I choose to have an abortion its my choice, or to educate people that about the truth about PeTA its my choice.

    That PeTA kills over 85% of the pets they “save” from shelters and the rest they warehouse. That PeTA would rather there’s no cure for AIDS/HIV or Cancer than animals be used in anyway shape or form for research that could save both human and other animals. For christsake PeTA is even anti-glide dog for the visually impaired – no animal slavery what-so-ever.

    And that PeTA is for the 100% elimination of all domesicated animals. That’s right PeTA doesn’t want animal “slavery” aka pets period. Therefore they want the absolute elimination of all cats and dogs. You should actually read Ingrid’s bulletins occasionally, very enlightening and scary.
    Compassion works both ways.

  5. Evolutionswinner

    Kathesia sadly given the chance and the appropriate situation an animal would devour a human for survival.

    Well, humans living in colder climates have had to use fur to survive throughout ancient times even up to modern days. And yes, trading fur does count as survival considering that people have to put the food on the table somehow.

    Sorry, we won in the evolutionary race and for all those thousands of years being chased around by furry animals bigger, stronger and faster than us I’d say we deserve some fur.

    PeTa is pro-animal survival and pro-human extinction. They would rather have all humans die if it meant that animals can live in “harmony”. How backwards is that?

  6. Sarah

    People in cold or poor countrys only wear fur because they are not “educated” like people who are in Rich countrys!

    Even though! you get your very ignorant people these days! and very warming loving hearted people who do care what happens to living creatures!

    If people have never had a pet they will show no affection to people who have had them.

    Humans can live without meat.. Dinosaurs did so can we! only the un-educated people who “think” we have to survive on meat! ofcourse they are going to think like that.. they were brought up to think like a very arrogant pig!

    Animals do NOT have to suffer in silence! Evolutionwinner- No animals in this world should suffer from a pigheaded ignorant cold hearted person and be skinned alive for FUR!

    It is animal cruelty! Animals are animals… yes they eat eachother.. that’s animals!

    Humans are intelligent (even though we think they are!?) Some are… and there not people like U!

    Sorry, you have not WON anything! Let human’s starve to death instead! how about we skin them as well to use their skin ?

    That would be a great opptuinity!! instead of slaughtering animals! I know… start hanging and beheading people and kill them for no reason and smash a babies skull like they do to animals! Why don’t you wear their skin ?

    It’s not sick! It’s SICK what you’re doing!

    Arrogant bastard!

  7. Wow, people are really stupid. Celebrities do not purchase furs from a multi-million dollar fur industry to keep warm in the Winter. They do it without thinking about the innocent lives that are being sacrificed, all in the name of Anna Wintour and Louis Fucking Vuitton. It is not worth the skinning of hundreds, thousands of animals… especially not now, when our Earth’s resources are running low and it’s time to take not of animal extinction. People who wear fur do are unable to conceptualize compassion for other beings. And yes, an animal would devour a human being for the sake of survival, but there is a fundamental difference between surviving and mere flaunting.
    I don’t know why I’m taking the time to even write this, since all those who have posted pro-fur comments have proven to be shallow, heartless, rediculous, and quite dim.

  8. Marie

    There is nothing more glamorous or sexy than real fur. I love to wear fur and I couldn’t care less what some jumped up, ignorant, misinformed and brainwashed Peta twerp thinks about it. There are far more important issues in this world. Wear your furs with pride girls (and guys).

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