Gwen Stefani Is Having A Girl

April 12th, 2006 // 11 Comments

Star Magazine is reporting that Gwen Stefani and hubby Gavin Rossdale will be having a baby girl. By the look of Gwen’s stomach, it will either be a huge baby, or she’s set for twins.

They met in 1995, got engaged on New Year’s Day 2002, and have been married for three and a half years. On April 9, rockers Gwen Stefani, 36, and Gavin Rossdale, 38, celebrated another milestone: the imminent arrival of their baby girl, due in June! “Gwen and Gavin have finally let the cat out of the bag,” a source close to the couple tells Star. “They’re having a girl, and they’re both totally excited to finally be able to let everyone else in on their little secret!” The baby’s sex was not so secret, given the pink décor of the co-ed baby shower, thrown by friends in L.A.’s ritzy Hancock Park neighborhood! Gwen, who arrived with her husband around noon for the four-hour bash, glowed in a pretty, patterned empire-waist dress, while Gavin couldn’t stop beaming! “It was the perfect sunny day for the outdoor celebration!” an eyewitness tells Star.

Gwen Stefani: It’s A Girl [Star Magazine]

(Images via Just Not Doubt)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. J.

    Jesus Christ, what’s with the grammatical errors today?

  2. K

    Why is it that whenever a pregnant woman has more than a tiny bump, everyone insists she must be having twins?? It’s a loose, flowy dress forcryingoutloud. Cut her some slack.

  3. Mandy

    Has had a girl or is having a girl? Or are you telling us that Gwen Stefani is a girl?

  4. ravenswing

    you know i love y’all … but ‘has having’?

  5. Mrs.

    More importantly…isn’t his hair the worst? I really can’t stand to look at him.

  6. Love Gwen

    This is one cool couple. They are both good-looking people who appear to have a solid relationship. They dated for many years, and even after they got married, they made sure they were ready to bring a child into the world. Other stars could learn a lesson or two from them.

    They must be so excited and happy!!!

  7. Angie

    She said on Access Hollywood that they do not know the sex of the baby b/c they wanted to be surprised.

  8. no doubt

    Gwen is so pretty pregnant! at least she is still stylish unlike angelina and katie. I love how she embraces her pregnancy.

  9. Apple

    do u reli think gavins hair is that bad id say he looks cute but the baby will be even cuter!!!!

  10. kee

    Doesn’t Gavin already have a girl from a previous relationship. I heard she was praying for a boy it would have been something that Gavin wanted since he already has a girl…

  11. B

    Gwen probably looks like she’s going to have twins because she’s a tiny person. Her baby bump would probably look regular-sized on anyone else.
    Also, I love her, and she looks fabulous!

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