Gwen Stefani Does Want Another Bopper. Mayhaps A Girl?

September 8th, 2010 // 2 Comments

Gwen Stefani
hinted that a girlie bun may be in the oven (speculation, natch) when she told InStyle Magazine that she’d like a third child soonish. picked up on Stefani’s chat with the fashion mag.  The former No Doubt singer thinks that it’s strange she doesn’t have a girl, and that she’s running out of time biologically (Stefani is 40).  However, she wants to be able to devote as much time to her tots, Kingston and Rossdale without being stretched too thin (I need kids.  Look at her guns!). 

So for the time being, she’ll just enjoy the life she’s built with husband Gavin Rossdale, who took the fam to the Air and Space Museum in NYC yesterday.

“I’m not focusing on it right now, but it’s not up to me anyway – these things are miracles, so we’ll see.”

By Kelly Lynch

  1. suz

    Kingston and Rossdale? Oh, come on….. get it right. It’s Zuma, you dunce!!!

  2. arayal

    “These things are miracles”

    To someone with no grasp of biology, maybe. What an idiot. Sure, breeding like every other animal on the planet is a “miracle”.
    I admit, I’ve never thought Gwen had any lights on upstairs or capacity for depth, and I find her “fashion sense” completely recycled. (Not to mention, her outfits are the most exciting thing about her. She can jump and scream all she wants onstage – when she talks, it’s clear she has all the personality of a tub of margarine.) Never got the hype, and I was squarely in her target demographic. That people consider her a) original, b) someone to look up to, or c) someone to remember as any kind of legend – even if they just mean her ND days – saddens me. She sucked at singing and cognition back then too, people! And before someone starts with a “But their first big single…” ‘Just A Girl’ didn’t make her a feminist, it just made her sound like a whining child. That did women NO favors.

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