Gwen Prays For Another Kid

From beneath her new Elvira Hancock from Scarface cokewhore wig, Gwen Stefani seeks help from the Lord in having another moppet.

Gwen Stefani’s got love (husband Gavin Rossdale), an angel (son Kingston, 6 months) and music (a new album, The Sweet Escape) – now all she needs is another baby.

“I pray that I can have another baby,” Stefani, 37, tells USA Today. “I mean, it’s such a miracle to have one. And there’s so much I still want to do, because who knows? Things could be a lot harder a few years from now. I mean, I’m not at the beginning of my career. I’m on a ticking clock. And I don’t want to miss anything.”

More on Gwen’s biological clock and more photos of the happy family after the jump.

Gwen Wants Another [People]

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Kingston James McGregor Rossdale, who was born on May 26 in Los Angeles, is already a show-business professional, says his mom.

“There’s this huge team of us always hanging out together, so he gets to see the same people every day,” Stefani says of her entourage of stylists, dancers and others. “And he’s this very cool, chilled-out little guy. He’s just like another person, except that he’s super-cute and super-entertaining.”

What if the next kid isn’t “super-entertaining”? What if it has colic or something? What if the constant crying upsets her super-chilled out lifestyle, and pisses off one of the Harajuku girls? Will that be “super-cute”? Who cares, Gavin can watch him. He isn’t doing anything except looking hot with his new short hair.

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