Gwen Stefani Debuts New Collection…And Soon A New Album!

Gwen Stefani talked about debuting her new collection for L.A.M.B. at New York Fashion Week and also revealed to WSJ she has a new album in the works! The singer has recorded 10 songs over the past year but between fashion and family hasn’t had time to focus on music just yet!

“People would ask me ’10 years from now what are you going to do?’ and that was 10 years ago and I thought that I would have children and I knew I needed to do something creative outside of just being a mom and being a designer makes me feel worthy of being alive,” Stefani said, pictured at LAX yesterday arriving back in L.A. from New York Fashion Week. “Now it’s chaos. I thought I would sew in my house but it’s so much work to do this line.”

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Not to mention she’s also the face of L’Oreal…how does this woman have time to sleep?