Guy From My Mom’s Favorite Band Likes Four-gies

Page Six reports that the best job ever is “rock star”.

MAROON Five frontman Adam Levine has not given up his man-whore ways. The rocker, who once had a highlypublicized sleepover with Jessica Simpson, has decided it will take three women to keep him satisfied. Last week, Levine and his buddies hit Cain, where they loaded up on tequila shots and bottles of Dom Perignon. At 4 a.m., Levine was spotted stumbling out of the club with three ladies he escorted back to his room at the Mercer Hotel. A rep for Levine said, “not true.”

That publicist’s comment is a howl. He was at such a loss for words or he was so self-important that he thought “not true” would suffice and make it all go away. Why not just fess’ up and admit it? “Yeah, he banged three whores at the same time.” He’d probably accquire more fans. I know Ri-Ri Harvey would be even MORE into them then. She likes the bad boys.