Guinness World Records: World’s Tallest Dog

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Some people like large dogs, while others like small, portable dogs. How would it feel if you could say you had the tallest dog? How would you feel if you could say your dog was 44 inches tall? For those who don’t know, this dog is a little over three and a half feet tall!

His name is Zeus and he’s a Great Dane. Zeus and his owner live in Michigan. In addition to the insane height,  he weights quite a lot too. At 155 pounds, he’s the same weight as many people! I don’t think many people have the capability to pick this dog up.

Due to his size, people would probably assume he’s pretty unfriendly. The term “gentle giant” applies to Zeus. Throughout two weeks, he eats about 30 pounds of food! Insane right?

What do you think about Zeus? Intimidating or sweet?