Guessing Games

May 9th, 2005 // 9 Comments

Page Six is just asking, and so are we.

A high profile lawyer has an STD, a model with a short boyfriend, and a famous actors father was cruising a gay bar. Oh my.

WHICH high-profile New York lawyer’s personal life could lead to a big-bucks lawsuit of the kind he often wins? The legal eagle does drugs, has an STD, owns a whorehouse and has all-girl orgies with his assistant …

WHICH statuesque model made sure as she walked the red carpet at the Costume Institute gala that her diminutive boyfriend was always on a step above her so she wouldn’t tower over him? …

WHICH famous father of a famous actor was spotted “cruising” the crowd of young gay men at the Fault Line, a leather bar in Hollywood?

Post your guesses kiddies.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. smartypants

    Tony Curtis? Kirk Douglas? Gary Busey? Donald Sutherland? Martin Sheen? I give up.

  2. laura

    I am going to say Dominic Barbera for one; Nicky Hilton for #2- Kevin is pretty short; and the last one is tough, but part of me wants to say Michael Lohan on that one…

  3. Yeah, I’m going with Lindsay’s dad.

  4. Claire

    1. i have no idea
    2. has to be Usher
    3. i’m going w/ lohan’s dad

  5. Prentiss

    #2 is Eishia Brightwell, Usher’s girlfiend.

  6. Marina

    If it was Lohan’s dad it would say actress instead of actor…

  7. kish

    I would say

    2. Leo DiCaprio
    3. George Hamilton

  8. birt

    3. John Voight, Angelina Jolies’ dad.

  9. Ella

    2. It can’t be Leo because 1) Leo and Gisele weren’t there and 2) Leo is 6’1 (hardly diminutive) and Gisele is 5’11.

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