Guess Who’s A Scientologist?

May 12th, 2006 // 22 Comments

American Idol‘s Katherine McPhee. Leave it to a makeup artist to spill the beans.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. d.c.

    She ought to sue him!! hahahaa

  2. kissy

    ohhhh noooo. now i hate her….what a shame!

  3. Steven

    I have hated this girl from the very begining. Becuase Chris was sent and she she is still there I will not watch teh rest of this season. She makes me so sick. She should have went in week three. I hate her! In my eyes she does much worse of a disservice to the image of Scientology than Tom.

  4. Steven

    I have hated this girl from the very begining. Because Chris was sent home and she she is still there I will not watch the rest of this season. She makes me so sick. She should have went home in week three. I hate her! In my eyes she does much worse of a disservice to the image of Scientology than Tom.

  5. maryanne29

    Surprise departure of Chris? I smell conspiracy! Probably the same people that they used to skew the PARADE magazine poll in Tom’s favor.

  6. Kamasutra Jones

    She’ll end up winning. Just you watch. “The Church” will see to it, just as they made sure “Crash” won best picture. Sad that Hollywood has ben taken over by space-alien loving cultists like this.

  7. mf

    so done with her. but it explains her style problems. seriously….look at some of the stuff scientologists wear. the innate lack of personality necessary for a cult member really takes the oomph out of the outfit.

  8. courtney

    I am blown away! I never liked her from the beginning but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Her voice is ok, but I wouldn’t invest any of my time listening to any song she would ever put out. I’ve been a HUGE fan of Chris from the beginning, and although it would have been great to see him blow all those other idiots away in the competition (because i think he is that good) – my heart tells me that him not winning is probably the BEST thing to happen to him. Who would want to be tied down to American Idol and be forced to sing some cheesy song like they always make them do after they win right? he’s way better than that…can’t wait to see where he goes with his life!! anyway back to that over-rated hag catherine – her being a scientologist completes the picture for me….now i know why i never liked her. scientologists have a creepy kind of weird vibe that they project and she does that. I wasn’t planning on watching any more of this seasons idol and now finding this out confirms that for me….AI blows now anyway – Kelly clarkson is still by far the best to come out of it…see ya

  9. Chris X

    That is weird – I always thought she had the Katie Holmes spacey in the eyes look – what do they do to those people? Well there is no point in watching anymore. Those vicious people tilt every playing field. they had zombie computers voting in Parade magazine defending their precious Tom and now they will make sure their little robot wins Idol.

  10. laura

    From the above cited yahoo article (tony’s)

    So are Idol’s Katharine McPhee and the individual listed in the Scientology report one and the same? National records indicate there is only one Katharine McPhee in the entire U.S. — in Sherman Oaks!

    However, a family friend who spoke to Idol’s McPhee at Star’s request reports: “Katharine says she is not a Scientologist.” But the friend does not say whether McPhee has ever been one in the past.

  11. duh

    Old news…old, old, old news. Some other gossip site totally called this at the beginning of Idol.

  12. kat

    good god people, u guys maybe upset of chris’s departure, but its not katherine’s fault that she stayed.. blame on the voters..anyone cud be sent home..even chris.

  13. J-Tizzle

    I knew there was a reason I didnt like her after the first episode. Mccrazy

  14. shan

    This is a lie. She confirmed that she wasn’t in an interview a month ago.

  15. abc

    Why are people so whiny? So what if Chris was voted off…maybe his fans became a little too complacent and stopped voting for him because they just assumed that he had a large enough fanbase that would do all the necessary boting. How is it Katherine’s fault that Chris got voted off…maybe her fans were just a little more vested in making sure she stayed on the show. Honestly, Chris was not that special…yes he had a good voice but he’s just another guy trying to become a generic rocker…regardless he will get a record contract. I read Chris’s interview with Entertainment Weekly after having been eliminated and I don’t think anyone could’ve been any cockier than he was. People don’t get what they want and start whining…grow up.

  16. caite

    She said today that she is not a scientologist. She once dated one, and went to a few classes but got out of there asap.

  17. Don Juan DeMarco

    She’s not a scientologist (this old rumor was played out a month ago) and she’s nice to look at, especially when she’s rocking those tight jeans. Stop hating.

  18. WTF?

    okay, SERIOUSLY, who is voting for the grey-haired dude?

    Chris rocked, he will be more famous than any of those other losers.

  19. fae

    No one’s hating. Bottom line Chris out-performed Mcphee. Mcphee should have been sent home. Not only did she mess up but she has not uniqueness

  20. cool

    look i think that kathrine would make a great mom , sister our cousin . i mean taylor just looks so old ! i mean who would want somebody who had grey hair on a cover of a cd . kathrine is a grat singer and she could be the next american idol . i mean she just trying her best. i mean my cousin thinks that she would make a great mom. i mean shes kind, nice and she must love children .and she is not snobby .as some of you people think. maybe she just a young lady who is just trying to find her future . we will find out who is the next american idol tonight .

  21. Confused

    I don’t get it. This is a great music contest and what does religion have to do with it? Sounds pretty rude too – what do you think a scientologist would say if they read this?

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