Guess the Parents

June 25th, 2007 // 9 Comments

Who are the parents of this newborn? Find out after the jump.

Tiger Woods and Elin introduce daughter Sam Alexis to the world.

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By Jessica Marx

  1. NJ


    Yay, them! :)

  2. Jennifer

    I love the dirty socks in one of those pics. Plus that baby has HUGE feet. Cute though.

  3. R


    Cute baby Sam. Cute doggies too!

  4. Frida

    Aaw, how cute! That baby is half-swedish you know ;)

  5. jen

    What a sweetie! And what a great idea – post some pictures and be done with it – no media circus for Tiger’s daughter.

  6. jannre

    Awwwwww! Shes a keeper!

  7. Gorgeous! Hopefully she get’s her mum’s good looks!!! (sorry Tiger)

    Love the pups too R!! They make a house a home!

    Great family pics!!

  8. Cheesy

    Sweet… just plain sweet.

    Nice to see a new father also refuse to get a little glory for himself by participating in a sporting event, for the sake of being home and spending time with his wife and newborn daughter. Hurrah to Tiger for knowing what’s REALLY important! (Sorry, Jeff Gordon–a race wasn’t nearly as important as those first few days with an exhausted new mom and a brand new baby.)

  9. deb

    Man, that is one beautiful child, no surprise! Both parents look totally in love with the whole shebang, dogs included! Good on them.

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