Guess The Owner Of These

July 14th, 2005 // 24 Comments

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Larissa

    Um, is that red nail polish just on her big toe? I won’t go to the corner store with my toes looking like that..let alone being Britney Spears at a premiere! GAG

  2. I don’t think it’s nail polish. I think it’s probably strawberry jelly or frosting, and she’s just too lazy or unable to reach her foot to clean it off.

    Meanwhile, Kevin Federline has so many fashion mistakes going on, that I don’t even know where to begin. Are those purple feathers on his jacket?

  3. Kat

    Those pink feathers really seal the deal don’t they?

  4. max wallace

    Hey y’all who has time to paint their toenails when Starbucks closes in twenty minutes? I cain’t hardly sees my feet anymore anyhow. thank god McDonald’s stays open all night now. Hey Kev..Kev?… KEVIN! Quit lookin at the skanks and get me three big macs. I’m eatin for the twins now.

  5. gabbi

    I thought pregnant women were supposed to stay away from heels…she’s probably doing lots of things pregnant women shouldn’t. :(

  6. Kristina

    I need to go to the bathroom. Lemme take off these heels.

  7. Kristina

    Note to Britney’s sister: CLOSE YOUR MOUTH!

  8. Sara

    You should have done a close up on her sister’s tootsies…they’re like swimmers’ fins!

  9. bb

    looks like brit is wearing the new LV monogram ‘denim’ line, cute shoes

    K-Fed looks like he was styled by

  10. I thought it was Katie Holmes until I realized they weren’t funky enough. Not enough bunions and hammer-toes to be Katie, I mean KATE.

  11. laura

    I KNEW right off that those feet were britney’s. I am that good, or she is THAT easy to peg (Maybe both…). Kevin should be wearing the shirt “I won the Golden ticket”!

  12. LuvBritBritGossip

    Does Kevin only own that blazer!!!!! He wears it all the time!

  13. finn

    It looks like she BITES her toenails. Yuck.

  14. locomocha

    Britney just looks like the trailer trash she is! I feel sorry for that kid already!

  15. Kim

    Mon Dieu! Doesn’t she have “people” to manicure? Obviously she doesn’t have a stylist, if so, she/he is blind. I absolutely am nauseous looking at that jacket. “Your clothes are who you are” seems to ring true.

  16. sash

    I guess they are right about her running out of money.

  17. uptown slacker

    I hate guessing when a brief pause with the mouse gives me some info like “britfeet” which leads me to believe that it’s…angelina jolie? morgan freeman? michael michele? nooo. it’s whomever was in the pic caption. I know it’s late but generally I read these at work, and if you are gonna have me “guess” than make me work for it, dammit.

  18. Hodgie

    i read somewhere that she admitted to one journalist that she has a bad habit of biting her fingernails and her toenails!!! ewww gag me!! now that shes preggers and cant reach she probably has recruited her trashy hubby to do it for her for a large amount of money!

  19. Oh mah gawd. It’s the Skank Twins, and their pimp. Gag.

  20. Hodgie

    p.s. i really hope her lil sis does not turn out to be as skanky as britney…at least this girl looks like she showers all the time

  21. Remember that story when she took off her shoes in a plane and other passengers complained about the smell? At least in these sandals they get a little bit of fresh air.

  22. anthony

    Yuck, Kev wore that jacket on the Ellen show. Get britney’s credit card and go buy another one already.

  23. Cynthia

    Hopefully, there is enough credit left on the credit card to get him a haircut, a shave, a buttoned shirt, a pair of decent pants, a personality….

  24. Angel

    actually, I like them, Does anybody know who made them, LV doesn’t have them on their site. Just curious.

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