Guess the Junk

June 27th, 2007 // 16 Comments


Whose junk is in the trunk? Find out after the jump.

It’s Kim Kardashian’s!


By Kimberly London

  1. Jinxy McDeath

    What a freakish body. How does she buy clothing? Are their special stores for ass deformed people? It’s so bizarre looking.

  2. Well thank God she is able to cover that thing, and God bless th purveyors of Clothing for the Freakishly Deformed. Ack. When did that become fashionable? Is this JLo’s fault? But mainly I wonder-How does she walk with that thing attached?

  3. Mikey Boy

    That is borderline out-of-control!

  4. jennifer

    hence, the much-needed boob job to balance out the bottom.

  5. pantsparty

    ass implants are NOT a good look.

  6. Kare Bear

    Kim Hodashian- damn this girl has been dating every black man in HollyHood, now we see either this is why or that’ve given her a sistah bootie.

  7. grace

    It looks like she has Paris Hilton rolled up in that sh*t…

  8. Joya

    …no way

  9. Char

    I think girlfriend needs to get herself down to the cancer ward. Seriously, the looks like a tumor. She does not look well. How she, her plastic surgeon, and any interested parties can possibly find that attractive is beyond me. I’m all for curvy women having their say-so, but that’s not natural. It’s grotesque.

  10. Earl

    I would die if I could slide my tongue between those hot cheeks. Watch them quiver….mmmmm
    she’s beyond hot!

  11. Kelly

    Thank god- when I first saw the big ol’ ass I thought it was me for a moment . . . . luckily it wasn’t. This is just a reminder that I thank goodness everyday I’m not famous so my fat ass will never be on a site like this.

  12. T-bone

    Put that thing away, Kim!

  13. CU Next Tuesday

    Ha ha. Kim KardASSian.

  14. Audrey

    WTF? adult diapers?

  15. Amy

    Good God! Elephantitis of the *ss??

  16. Dr. Know

    amy… its elepantiasis

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