Guess the Jogger

April 24th, 2007 // 5 Comments


Find out who this lad is after the jump.

It’s Hugh Grant getting his exercise on.


By Jessica Marx

  1. IndicaGirl


  2. Elly

    There’s lots of us in this world who know that the SUN is BAD for you!
    Just because we don’t go about looking like deep fried SHRIMP doesn’t mean we can’t go out jogging in public!
    I hate the sun! I’s rays are SOOOOOOOO bad for you…and can cause skin cancer!
    Good on you, Hugh Grant!
    You show em’ mate! I love you! xxx

  3. me

    Not everyone has to be tanned. Some people can’t. That’s like telling naturally chunky people that they need to be a size 1. Ain’t happening, you bunch of skinny, brown, plastic freaks.

    Enjoy your cancer and crows-feet!!!

  4. Dan

    Gabriele Byrne looks terrible.

  5. Chocoholic

    Hugh Grant!?!?! Looks like him to me…

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