Guess the Ass

April 27th, 2007 // 13 Comments


Find out who’s feeling the need to adjust after the jump.

It’s Victoria Beckham.


By Jessica Marx

  1. joan durtz

    what ass? Oh, you mean that flat flap of skin on that back of those legs?

  2. BARF

    If you turned her upside down you could op the floor with her;

  3. BARF

    mop the floor,

  4. Sarah

    OH, is that an ass? hmmmmm

  5. Joya

    By adjust do you mean implant?

  6. Morediva

    I was going to say, that flat azz Paris Hilton

  7. Andy

    i really bet her ass looks way better than any of yours.. no ass is better than a big fat ass.. i wish my ass looked like that..

  8. BARF

    The sad thing is you KNOW she looks at her self over her shoulder in the mirror everyday and thinks ‘OMG!! My ass is HUGE!!’ and then vows to cut down her daily ration of 10 grapes a day to 7, until she LOOSES that flab

  9. jen

    Gross. Dammit woman, eat a sammich.

  10. joan durtz

    Sorry Andy but my ass smokes hers!

  11. Sarah

    Oh Andy
    I’m not one to brag about myself, but I will say that my ass is WAAAAY better than that. Sorry Pal!

  12. Priya

    Interesting you say that Andy, you must like fucking 10 year old boys.

  13. Big A.

    Is that the front or the back?
    Take care!

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