Guess Who! Guess Which Celebrities Are Hiding From The Paparazzi! [PHOTOS]

Guess Who?
You'll never guess who this actress plays on 'Downton Abbey.'
Ladies and gentlemen! It’s time for everyone’s favorite online guessing game: Guess The Celebrity! This week your job is to guess which celebrity is trying to hide his or her face from the paparazzi.

Sometimes celebs aren’t as forthcoming with their smiles or silly faces as Lea Michele and Jane Lynch were. But it’s no matter, because instead of staring at their faces, we spend a whole bunch of time trying to guess who they are! Yay!

Launch the gallery to see if you can figure out who each celebrity is. There are hints provided for you–some more obvious than others–but also use the context clues in the photos. Make sure to leave your guess in the comments and also tell us if you got them right! Happy guessing!