Guess Who Does Not Belong: Can you Spot The Celebrities Who’ve Only Been Married Once?

Gwyneth & Chris
Photos from early on in their relationship
Celebrities are notorious for getting married several times. In fact, with some celebrities their marriages become more famous than they do. With so many marriages falling apart and coming together, you’d think that almost everyone in Hollywood has been married at least twice.

Well, that is not the case. In fact, there’s a whole bunch of celebrities who’ve only had to make that special trip down the aisle once. But do you think you could spot those celebrities? If you think you can, or even if you can’t, then this is the gallery for you!

Launch the gallery to see if you can spot the 5 celebrities who’ve only been married once. All of them are currently still married to their partners, and bonus points if you can tell us who that is. Leave us your guesses in the comments! Were you surprised by any of the answers? Sound off in the comments!