Guess Who Does Not Belong: Can You Spot The Oscar Winning Celebrities?

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Everyone! Guess what! The Academy Awards are tomorrow! Yay!

Since we’re all in Oscar mode over here at SOCIALITE LIFE, we thought it would be great fun to play a trivia game with you folks. Sure, people claim to be Oscar aficionados, but when the pressure is really on do you know your Oscar winning actors and actresses from the non-winners?

It can be quite a challenge, I’ll admit, but knowing you, lovely readers, you guys are totally up for the challenge! I bet you’ll be able to guess right away what the answers are! Or will you…?

So here we have–for Oscar season–another fabulous edition of our guess who game! Just launch the gallery and see if you can spot the 5 actors who have their very own naked, gold man at home! Click through to the end for the answers and don’t forget to leave your guesses in the comments as you go! And no cheating! Happy Almost-Oscars Day!