Guess Who Does Not Belong: Can you Spot The Naturally Blonde Actresses?

Despite what it may seem like, not all of Hollywood is blonde. And in fact, some folks who have built a career out of playing blonde bombshells, weren’t actually blonde to begin with. Take Marilyn Monroe, for example. She was the most famous blonde ever to have walked this earth, and all of it came out of a bottle.

Today’s stars haven’t changed too much, except for the fact that a lot of natural blondes are going brunette, or red, or pink, or purple. In fact, it’s pretty hard to figure out what any celeb’s natural hair color is. In honor of that, we’ve put together this little hair color challenge.

Launch the gallery to see if you can spot the five actresses with naturally blonde hair. They may not have become famous as blondes, but underneath all that dyed hair, lives a blondie. Leave your guesses in the comments!