Guess The Celebrity Bikini Bodies

May 27th, 2013 // 8 Comments

Did you hit the beach this weekend? Did you rock your bikini?

We’ve made it slightly challenging for those of you who want to take a spin through our Guess Who: Celebrity Bikini photo gallery. So what are you waiting for? Get started!

Make sure to leave comments guessing which bod belongs to which celeb, and let us know how you did! 

Who has a rockin’ bod?  Who’s body are you scared of?  What made your eyes burn?  Do tell!

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Celebrity Bikini Bodies: Guess Who
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    so sexy

  2. Celebrity Bikini Bodies: Guess Who
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    Queen she-baa…co co

  3. Celebrity Bikini Bodies: Guess Who
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    let me guess…………..Bruce jenner???

  4. Celebrity Bikini Bodies: Guess Who
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  5. Celebrity Bikini Bodies: Guess Who
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  6. Snooki in a bikini
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  7. Kelly Ripa in a bikini
    p33n0r belly
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    penis on her belly

  8. Celebrity Bikini Bodies: Guess Who
    Ronald Cameron
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    Coco Austin can’t wait to get in bed with me, so she can kiss, lick, & suck my 9″ penis, after which she’ll suck the cum out of me! After I’ve mounted Coco & driven myself between Coco’s beautiful, sexy, & shapely legs, I’ll drive my penis deeply into Coco’s sweet flesh, she’ll scream with delight & pleasure & beg for more of my penis! Coco will ride me, impaling herself onto my penis! Next, I’ll ride Coco by taking her from behind, driving my penis between Coco’s butt cheeks! To finish off this megacycle of lovemaking with Coco, I’ll take her from on top of her big, 39DD” breasts, with my bare chest pressing against Coco’s big, bare breasts! Coco & I will have lots of fun between the sheets, enjoying the sweetest, most passionate lovemaking! Coco & I will kiss & caress for fun!

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