Grocery Exercising With Robert Pattinson

Oh just thought you should carry on with your Saturday with a dose of Robert Pattinson.

RPattz (teehee, I kid, I kid) was spotted grocery shopping at Ralph’s in Los Angeles on July 5th with a friend. (I was just at Ralph’s a few minutes ago, no Pattinson to be seen. Next!)

Pattinson was dressed in black shorts, a black shirt, black shoes, a black hat and black shades–all of which are fading into a grey. Typical Pattinson ensemble, approved.

If you look through the gallery its like a fun workout with Robert Pattinson as he reaches for his groceries, smiling and goofing for the camera. Ugh, adorable!

So, we’re nosy, we want to know what he bought. There must be all sorts of organic produce in that shopping cart so he can keep his beautiful face err…beautiful for Dior Homme, right?!