Grimsby Resident Insists Kate Middleton Didn’t Say ‘Daughter’

Weren’t we in a tizzy when word spread that Her Royal Highness Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge reportedly let the cat out of the bag during a trip to Grimsby, England on Tuesday!

A few well-wishers could have sworn that Catherine started to say “daughter” when gifted with a teddy bear outside the National Heritage Fishing Center.

The Duchess, who is about five months along, was thought to have said “Is this for our dau…” before stopping herself.

Sandra Cook, 67, pressed on, asking Her Royal Highness, “Did you say ‘my daughter?'”

Catherine, clearly flustered by the questions, said “No, my, oh my?  No, no, no..!” and added, “We don’t know.” 

Lisa Hewson captured the whole thing on video, and submitted it to the Grimsby Telegraph (via Daily Mail) as proof that Catherine didn’t reveal the gender of her and William’s baby.

“Kate does such a good job and people are always picking and pulling her apart,” Hewson told the paper.  “If you know something isn’t true and it is causing trouble, you have to do the right thing, and, hopefully, that is what I am doing here.”

Hewson insisted that she’s not out to make Sandra Cook look back.  Her intent, rather, was to make clear that the Duchess didn’t give anything away.

“I am sure the lady genuinely thought she heard what she said she did.”

What the Duchess actually said:

“Oh, is this for us?  Aww, thank you so much.  It’s very sweet of you.”

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