Greyson Chance (Lady Gaga YouTube Kid) Scores Record Deal With Ellen Degeneres

Remember the YouTube kid who posted his sixth grade festival performance of Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi”? No? Well, either way he got a record deal faster than you can say Justin Bieber sequel. The surprising part of it all is that he’s signing with Ellen DeGeneres.

Greyson Chance appeared on Ellen’s show earlier this month and I guess meeting him combined with her experience on American Idol this year (possibly opening her eyes to how little talent there is out there) led her to believe she should make music.

“Greyson … inspired me to start a record label called eleveneleven. He is my first artist and we are making a record together,” DeGeneres said in a statement released on Tuesday. She also wants to use her show as a platform to find new artists.

Well he’s got a good name, although it doesn’t lend itself to any kind of fever or another word for an intense illness that possesses teenage girls to hurt old ladies and commit murder, but it could work.

Check out two of his original compositions after the jump.