“Grey’s Anatomy” Star’s Fiance Probably Sold Someone I Know Drugs At One Point Or Another

June 22nd, 2007 // 27 Comments

It turns out that Ellen Pompeo’s fiance , record producer Chris Ivery, has done a couple of bids. For drugs, credit card theft and fraud. It sounds like a typical weekend with my family. Ellen, Chris and I know how it is – as we’re all from Massachusetts. The mean streets of the South Shore. Well, I am at least. I’ll do a dougnut on your lawn, bitch!

In late 2005, reports first surfaced that Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo’s fiancé, L.A. music producer Chris Ivery, had spent 14 months in a federal prison in the mid-1990s after pleading guilty to postal theft and credit card fraud. A year later, in a December 2006 Allure magazine interview, Pompeo sniffed, “Yeah, he used a credit card that wasn’t his when he was 18. Show me a teenager from Boston who doesn’t have a record!”

It’s not quite that simple, Ellen. Chris was 24 at the time — and Star has exclusively learned Ivery’s past run-ins with the law involve a lot more than stolen credit cards. Court records obtained by Star show Ivery has at least 13 criminal convictions in Massachusetts — including ones for dealing cocaine and pot — and has had three lengthy jail sentences!

Ellen’s thoughts on Chris’ past are after the jump.

“When the news first came out that Chris had spent time in prison for fraud, Ellen just shrugged it off,” says a friend. “She said he had told her everything about what happened long ago, and that it didn’t make one bit of difference to her; it’s in the past. But she has never let on that he was convicted of dealing cocaine and pot, too.”

Well most people don’t introduce their fiances with “oh, this is Chris. He did time for dealing. Do you like the tear tattooed under his eye? Will you come to the wedding?” Dumbass. Hopefully this is a case of people making mistakes and redeeming themselves and finding love and not, honey, I’m gonna run a crackhouse out of the mansion while you’re at work so be sure to know the secret knock when you get home or my drug lieutenant will cut you half with a shotgun blast. Oh, and can you leave your credit card?

By J. Harvey

  1. Lisa

    Who cares? Hopefully he has put that behavior behind him. I hardly think that we should continue to punish him.

  2. pantspartynyc

    seriously – so what?

    obviously, he has risen above his past deeds, so why try to bring it up now as though he is some shady criminal mastermind.

    everyone has a past – perhaps not a criminal one – but EVERYONE has done something regrettable. let sleeping dogs lie.

  3. Charlotte

    He scares me. I think the more important thing to focus on is not his past, but the fact that he looks like he’s about 60.

  4. nanc'

    How old is that guy?
    While I agree that people can overcome their pasts, I would have a P.I. do some SERIOUS checking-up on someone with a past like that…especially if I were thinking of marrying him or was sleeping next to him.

  5. Jade

    Maybe that’s how she got anorexic. EAT WOMAN!

  6. chuck

    seriously, as a boston native myself, we all got into some shit, but credit card fraud at 24? STEALING someone’s mail to take their identity? That’s a little more harsh than getting busted for selling a few joints to some friends. slimeball. he looks like he just won the lottery. she’s a doormat. this one will be fun to watch unwind…and she’s on the cover of US Weekly looking like a victim.

  7. JinxTheCatWroteThis

    “I’ll do a donut on your lawn, bitch!” Made me laugh! HA-LAAAArious!!!

    Seriously. He’s a thug. He’s from Boston, and according to the rules, he has to be! Whatcha know bout dat, Marky Mark? Thuggity thug thug thug. Check him out- I mean, he’s cleary 80 and he’s rollin with Ellen Pompeo. Don’t talk sh*t, he’s wicked bad!

    Watch your mouth, thats all Im saying J… he has people. Ben. Matt… ya know how it is.


  8. krystyn

    ahahahah, lawn jobs. so classic.

  9. that beeyotch!

    fine, he has a past, whuteveras. but, does he actually have a job? dude keeps listing his occupation as producer. Okay, somebody enlighten me, exactly who has he produced?

  10. Zekers

    He has produced…ah…a meal ticket?

  11. nza

    Awwww Im from the south shore…so you’re the one that did donuts on my lawn!

  12. Mr Damn-Straight

    You’ all are a bunch of Dumb F*** social degenerates. The guy is slime…and he is shinin Ellen. But dat cause she dumb B****h. None of you guys are the brightest bulbs either.

    Ummm….Would any of you be interested in giving me you credit card number. Not that I would use it…I just like counting long numbers. Yeah…that’s it!

  13. Mark Adams

    Just a scumbag running a con on this chick and she’s falling for it. Seen this story before.

  14. Mark Adams

    Just a scumbag running a con on this chick and she’s falling for it. Seen this story before.

  15. dedham mall

    after coming across this article as i waste away my friday at work reading all this mess, and being a “bown and rayz’d south showah’ native i felt the need to chime in.

    a) Ellen is hot, rich, and on tv . .. she is a post-white trash chick from boston, so she’s into bad boy black dudes. thats how it goes. when he was stealing credit ‘caahdz’ and slinging cut coke and crap weed she was ‘sprayin’ her bangz’ and peggin’ her girbauds. . .

    b) Ellen is hot, rich, and on tv . .. this dirt bag literally hit the “mass millions” jackpot!! so get over it. get into it. . she’ll get knocked up, they’ll have an adorable kid, ‘summah down the Vinyid’ and it will all end in a messy divorce soaked in bad decisions, eating disorders, and more credit card theft on his part. . .

    “Ya muthah”

  16. OoooLaLa

    WHO CARES ??? I mean seriously, why do we care…? I’m sure this is not news to her, and she’s with him. Then so what!!!

  17. sox2007

    I believe he’s from Medford. That would explain a whole lot more.

  18. sox2007

    I believe he’s from Medford. That would explain a whole lot more.

  19. ~boston girl

    Listen, I went to school with Ellen. Yes, really. Let me tell you something…she was *always* that skinny, and I watched her snarf down pizza from the Pizza Joe guy and candy from Jimmy’s ice cream truck just like the rest of us did. She ate then and was as skinny as she is now. Just sayin’.

  20. T-bone

    If I were her I’d watch my back (and my bank account).

  21. ni


  22. Samantha Jones

    Boston Girl: nice try, Ellen’s publicist.

    And seriously, she seems like a total bitch. There are PLENTY of people, myself included, who manage to make it to 25 without a record.

  23. shoba

    Maybe he can steal her some food

  24. mordecaibrown

    I blame Isaiah Washington. Or maybe T.R. Knight. I keep getting them confused.

  25. mordecaibrown

    I blame Isaiah Washington. Or maybe T.R. Knight. I keep getting them confused.

  26. tiffany

    I find Mr. Ivery totally attractive. I’ve seen him on TV also and he’s a good-looking guy. He’s tall and has a cute face. His grey hair makes him appear distinguished. I can totally see some of what Ellen sees in him.

  27. stella

    when people are young and desperate for money, things like that happen. people deal and steal and do stupid stuff when you’re young, not because they’re necesarily a bad person, but because they’re desperate.

    he he, i agree though, i grew up in boston and, really, find a teen without a record.

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