“Grey’s Anatomy” Chick Has Her Own Show So She Needs To Tell Inane Stories To Try And Get Us To Watch It

August 29th, 2007 // 3 Comments

Kate Walsh’s character, Dr. Addison Forbes, has graduated from “Grey’s Anatomy” to her own show “Private Practice”. What was she like on “Grey’s”? Is her character interesting? Because the following story isn’t. She’s getting married and she didn’t like her bar. I’m not sure i even need to put some text in block quotes to relay what went on. She got in front of the mirror and her bra didn’t go with her wedding dress or something. So she cried. You know when you’re a bride and you should cry? When your groom bangs the maid of honor around the corner of the reception area. OR when your mother-in-law wears all black including a black veil over her face to the wedding. Both true stories. THOSE are crying moments. Just switch your bra up. I hope this show has better writers. But, here goes:

“I had a fitting a couple of days ago … and who knew someone could get so hysterical about a bra,” she says. “I was, ‘It’s not the right bra. It’s not the bra.’ The sad part was there was a mirror there, so I had to see the whole thing. My face turned to stone — and then snakes — and then it was bad. I can’t believe I had a meltdown over a bra!”

Stone and snakes? Did Perseus then cut her head off? Damn! She’s marrying fiance Alex Young in southern Cali this weekend. Good luck, doctor lady. Hope the bra thing worked out.


By J. Harvey

  1. HoHo knows better

    Who cares? I prefer to hear silly stories about bra meltdowns as publicity stunts than shameless photo op by celebrities using their adopted children: Brangelina anyone? For all pr publicity stunts by celebrities:

    www. medialady. proboards105. com

  2. jen

    Her character’s name is actually Dr. Addison Montgomery. :)

  3. Genny

    At first when I read this, I imagined her to be throwing a hissy fit over her bar. As in “I do not want that padded naugahyde monstrosity as part of my big day! No fake wood panelling, I specifically said no fake wood panelling!” until I kept reading and realized you meant “BRA”. Ok that makes more sense.

    My husband had a melt-down over his tie. It’s the little things.

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