Grey Gardens 2007 Turn 21

The Olsen twins celebrated their 21st birthday last night, so watch out because they can legally hang out in bars and clubs now, take you home, and suck the bone marrow right out of you. Jesus, these two are scary. With their big heels, and their malnutrition and their big soulforce-sapping eyes. *shiver* Where’s my stake? Someone hang garlic on the door!

The twin sisters celebrated their 21st birthday with a laid-back dinner party at Los Angeles’ Chateau Marmont Wednesday, eschewing the wild festivities with which many of their peers might commemorate the same milestone.

Aside from attending the intimate gathering, the former Full House stars spent their birthday “doing absolutely nothing,” according to a message to their fans posted on their official Website Wednesday.

“Thanks for all of your birthday wishes,” the twosome wrote. “The past year has been incredibly rewarding. We have tons to be thankful for. Most of all–YOU–our fans. Your support is amazing and inspiring.”

That support comes from “fans” such as incubi, succubi, demogoblins, weresnakes, bog beasts and every other satanic creature that inhabits their nightmare world. That thing tottering at you on six foot high heels with a grande decaf and a Kool between two skeletal fingers isn’t a human. By any definition.


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