Grey Gardens 2007 Turn 21

June 14th, 2007 // 17 Comments

The Olsen twins celebrated their 21st birthday last night, so watch out because they can legally hang out in bars and clubs now, take you home, and suck the bone marrow right out of you. Jesus, these two are scary. With their big heels, and their malnutrition and their big soulforce-sapping eyes. *shiver* Where’s my stake? Someone hang garlic on the door!

The twin sisters celebrated their 21st birthday with a laid-back dinner party at Los Angeles’ Chateau Marmont Wednesday, eschewing the wild festivities with which many of their peers might commemorate the same milestone.

Aside from attending the intimate gathering, the former Full House stars spent their birthday “doing absolutely nothing,” according to a message to their fans posted on their official Website Wednesday.

“Thanks for all of your birthday wishes,” the twosome wrote. “The past year has been incredibly rewarding. We have tons to be thankful for. Most of all–YOU–our fans. Your support is amazing and inspiring.”

That support comes from “fans” such as incubi, succubi, demogoblins, weresnakes, bog beasts and every other satanic creature that inhabits their nightmare world. That thing tottering at you on six foot high heels with a grande decaf and a Kool between two skeletal fingers isn’t a human. By any definition.


By J. Harvey

  1. green cardigan

    These two scare me. They’ve grown about 4 inches (between the pair of them) since their sit com days

  2. jesse d

    I love you J – right on the money! They remind me of the little elf things from The Dark Crystal. *Shudder*

  3. *manda

    my, how little edie & big edie have grown!

  4. *manda

    my, how little edie & big edie have grown!

  5. *manda

    my, how little edie & big edie have grown!

  6. 2 Old 4 This

    J – you are wicked frickin funny!

  7. Mr. J. Harvey,
    “That thing tottering at you on six foot high heels with a grande decaf and a Kool between two skeletal fingers isn’t a human.”

    Awesome. Simply Brilliant!

    Jesse D,
    Oh No You Didn’t!!! Everytime someone mentions that movie i get that “Hmmmmmm, hmmmmmmm, mmmmmmm” whine of the chamberlin stuck in my head! (they do sort of look like gelflings though!)

  8. lexish

    J. Harvey, you, my dear sir, are friggin’ hilarious, and I adore your snark. The Olsons are freaky indeed.

  9. j

    Don’t they spend every day doing absolutely nothing?

  10. FOLLY

    don’t they look happy? NOT!

  11. FOLLY

    don’t they look happy? NOT!

  12. Kate

    Aaw, where’s the Olsen love? These girls can do no wrong in my opinion. I completely heart them. If I could audition to be an Olsen triplet, I’d be there is a new york minute! (sorry)

  13. i think its awesome that these two chose to be responsible in celebrating their 21st birthdays…considering how most of the other twenty something girls of hollywood have celebrated / are planning to celebrate their own. celebrities can have anything money can buy, yet it doesn’t seem to be easy– there are millions of kids all over the world looking up to them as role-models and their every action impacts this. it seems that the Olsens thought of their fanbase before thinking of themselves, and i think this is awesome. it would be nice if some of the others would follow their lead, before someone ends up dead and/or a whole generation grows up thinking its really cool to whore around and do drugs.

  14. Prick Up Your Ears

    J. you’re hilarious!

    Somebody should tell the troll queens they’re short, and the giant sized heels aren’t fooling anybody.

  15. cdwag

    i love the blond one’s dress.

    crap, what have i become?

  16. shanknskank

    y’all are whacked! They look better in these pics then they have in a while, ESPECIALLY which ever one is on the left in the 1-piece outfit. D A M N…very hot.

  17. Kare Bear

    Jesse I can’t believe you said Dark Crystal just yesterday I was talking about that movie…no one remembers it I guess I am showing my age when I talk about it. Those elf things were called Gelflings

    You know aside from the trip down memory lane, I really like these two girls… they seem very sweet. They have so much money it’s retarded and we don’t see them running around like skanky whores or drug addicts they both look great like the weight problems may have been resolved.

    God Bless them, for two young ladies to have really grown up from infacy in the public eye, they are the most well behaved of all!!

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