Gretchen Rossi Dresses Her Age In A Skimpy Bikini [PHOTOS]

The Real Housewives Of Orange County’s Gretchen Rossi put together a few scraps of fabric with a few pieces of string and VOILA!  A hugely inappropriate bikini is born!  The 34-year-old can’t resist a good photo op, and like her kindred spirit up in Los Angeles, Rossi took to the beach near her Orange County home.

PHOTOS: Modesty Really Isn’t Gretchen’s Thing

The heat is on Rossi’s boyfriend Slade Smiley, a man who flaunted his wealth on the first two season of the SoCal series.  The world has made Mr. Smiley weary and poor, for he is jobless and broke.  It’s been widely publicized that Smiley is behind in child support and that his son, Grayson suffers from a brain tumor.

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Rossi claims to know who from the cast is spitting venom about Smiley to the press, but won’t come out and name the perp (probably Tamra Barney). According to LA Late, Rossi said,

“Unfortunately the press and one person in particular have perpetuated this very difficult and frustrating situation for Slade..The press and people stating that Slade is a deadbeat father are ridiculous.  Just because a man can no longer pay $4,000 a month in support due to loss of a job and financial hardship does not make him a deadbeat father. It has become apparent this story is being told only through one person’s eyes so it can benefit only them, not even taking into consideration how it is affecting Grayson’s health, recovery, and relationship with his father.”

To help her financially-strapped boyfriend out, Rossi is throwing a charity event with a local salon.  They’ll be selling Smiley’s paintings to raise money for his son.  Smiley’s a jackass, but his kid is sick.  We appreciate what Rossi is doing.  Click here for more information on the event.