Great Work Distraction: Disney Ladies From Last Night [PHOTOS]

Having siblings comes in handy from time to time, because they’ll pass along tumblr sites to entertain you for hours on end.  This one site in particular, Disney Ladies From Last Night, kept me indoors for the better part of a Sunday afternoon. 

The creators combined Disney screen caps with actual messages from Text From Last Night, resulting in captions that will cause you to burst out laughing at any given moment.  It happened to me a few times.

Most of us grew up with Disney, so it’s not very difficult to imagine Snow White, Alice or Tinkerbell saying or doing such things.  It was very difficult to select the funniest captions, but I did my best.  Launch the gallery to check them out.

For more pics (it will occupy the better half of your afternoon. You’re welcome) click here.  It’s like fantasyland for that dirty little mind of yours.

Tags: Disney, WTF