Greasy Guy Attracts More Problems

Did he EVER check ID’s on these biddies? Joe Francis, currently serving time in Reno due to tax evasion, is being sued AGAIN by TWO MORE jailbaits who claim he got em to do dirty things for his camera. In a van. Romantic.

There’s no end of trouble for “Girls Gone Wild” czar Joe Francis. Two months after being jailed for contempt of court for failing to settle with seven underage girls who appeared in his videos, he’s being sued by two other Florida women claiming they were under 21 when they were lured into a van and “coerced” into engaging in sexual hijinks on camera. Francis is now cooling his heels in a Reno jail on federal tax charges.

I like how he’s the “czar” as if “Girls Gone Wild” was a country. That’s one dirty, lubed-up drunk whorish country. When asked to comment, well, reporters couldn’t make out what he was saying over the keening sobs and hysterical wailing. You see, it’s Salad Tossing Day at the jail in Reno.

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