Grease Brothers Broke As A Joke

And it couldn’t have happened to two more respectable, clean-cut guys. The oily Davis brothers are reportedly toe-up money-wise, and running around cashing checks in small amounts because the parentals have cut them off. I would, too. Those bitches need jobs! They need to get their fat asses behind a Starbucks’ counter and learn how it is for the real people of the world! Also, Brandon Davis is sporting a shiner that his Dad might have given him. Dad’s a little late on administering the beatings, but I applaud his efforts to catch up.

Bloody-eyed Brandon Davis – whose shiner suggests he’s still recovering from the fight he had with his dad last month – isn’t the only Davis oil heir to be cut off from family funds. Sources told Page Six his brother, Jason, is also feeling the purse pinch. The two have both been spotted in Hollywood, cashing checks in small amounts. “The checks were not from their family,” said one spy. Friends of the Davis clan deny any of the Hollywood kin have been cut off from the cash well (though it’s not like anyone would blame the family if they were). Brandon did not respond to messages on his cellphone.

Why don’t these two collaborate on a hideous clothing line or do Jenny Craig spokewhoring or something? Then they would at least be earning a respectable living. Instead of being down at the bodega trying to convince the cashier that the check for 10 grand is real. Normally I would be into tubby bitches but Jason Davis could stand to lose a few so maybe being broke is good for him. Now he’s graduated to just wearing a sarong. When you start just wrapping bolts of cloth around yourself, you’ve essentially given up.