Graydon Carter’s Registered

As you know, Graydon Carter the smoke stained editor of Vanity Fair, is engaged to the unfortunate Anna Scott. They’re registered at Berdorf’s, and fishbowlNY has got the registry. Here’s a sampling:

- Linens: always good. Specifically, Leontine Linens. Suggested theme: paisley. (WH NECKROLL W/WH PAISLEY, $200 EA., WH QUEEN FLAT /WH PAISLEY $550 EA., WH ST CASES W/WH PAISLEY $190 EA., ETC., ETC.)

- A tea pot! Scott is after all, English, and one can never have too many tea pots anyway. (Si Kiang Tea Pot By Raynaud, $392 EA.)

- First edition books. Thoughtful, original and they go a long way in helping the recipient get taken seriously despite his borderline pathological obsession with Hollywood. [Ed.–Actually, the books are probably for Anna.] What’s on the reading list?

My gift to the happy couple is going to be a case of Oust.

Graydon’s Bergdorf registry: buy the happy couple a wedding present! (Christofle, anyone?) [fishbowlNY]

(Photo via New York Social Diary)