Grant Gustin Talks About His Devious Character On ‘Glee’

Grant Gustin is Glee’s newest villain, with his character’s heart set on stealing Blaine from Kurt.  Sebastian Smithe is a Warbler with only enough love in his cold, little heart for Blaine.  Gustin, who was on tour for West Side Story before getting to the call, told Entertainment Weekly that he’s never played a villain before.

“I’ve gotten a taste of [backlash] so far…Initially, it was very scary,” Gustin said of fans’ reactions to his character.  “I don’t know how seriously to take stuff, obviously, but the day the information leaked, I got literal death threats. People were saying, ‘If you break Klaine up, I will find you and kill you.’ And I was like, [nervous laughter].”

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Gustin, who’s uncertain of how long he’ll remain on the show, gave insight into his devious character.  “I don’t think getting to know Blaine better is No. 1 on his [Sebastian’s] priority list. I think stealing him is No. 1.”

Bring it!

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