Grant Gustin Is A Leaping Wonder In His Full ‘Flash’ Costume

Grant Gustin Goes Glam!
Grant Gustin duels it out with photog Michael Freeby!
Now, I just knew The Flash as the guy who ran very quickly. I had no idea that he had such leaping abilities–I thought that was all Superman.

Still, Grant Gustin, TV’s newest Flash, was leaping from tree to tree yesterday as they shot the new CW show in Vancouver. I am so obsessed with his costume. We’d seen the mask before, but the rest of it looks so cool.

Grant doesn’t seem too daunted by the fact that he’s taking on this iconic character. 

In fact, there’s nothing but excitement in his recent Tweets.

I assume he meant to write “fans”? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I am very excited for this reboot. And so far Grant is doing me proud. I mean, sure, we haven’t actually seen him act yet, but I appreciate the jumping.

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