Grant Gustin Flashes His Perfect Smile And Gets Physical On ‘The Flash’ Set

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Sometimes in television a scene isn’t filmed exactly right, or the writers and producers have decided to make a few alterations. That’s when the dreaded re-shoot happens.

The actors have to go back to whatever location they were filming at and attempt to get the scene perfect.

Purely because we have more Grant Gustin sightings, we’re glad they had to.

Gustin is fulfilling the fantasy of many young women as he wears a plaid shirt beneath a maroon-colored sweater. No outfit is hotter on a man than that. Something about the sophisticated yet casual feel of the outfit is extremely alluring.

Between takes, he flashed his lovely smile, eliciting swoons from many. Clearly a professional, when it was time to shoot a scene for The Flash, he was able to get right into character. Imagine all the running he has to do while portraying an action hero.

We just love seeing him in his character’s costume when he shows us what other moves he can do.

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