Grammy Award Thoughts

February 9th, 2006 // 13 Comments

- They sucked!
- And what was up with the Mariah Carey Intel commercial? What was the point?
- Ah, Kanye West had no idea because of that little sealed envelope thing.
- I hate the Black Eyed Peas.
- Sly Stone should feel insulted.
- The Grammy’s Love U2.
- Poor Mariah.

LAist has coverage of the sad local red carpet coverage.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. saram23

    The Black Eyed Peas as a whole do not make me angry, it’s Will-I-Am that drives me insane. He presents a Grammy to John Legend and then says “I worked on this with him” YOU KNOW WHAT? IT’s NOT ABOUT YOU, so let the man accept his award

  2. Karyn

    Oh My God. I just read the details of Clay Aiken’s gay love affairs here

  3. krystyn

    wow. I completely disagree. I thought the performances were great and I thought that everyone was gracious and overall the whole thing was really good.

    I don’t feel bad for Mariah. For christs sakes, she had an incredible year. Does not winning a Grammy take that away? No. Gwen Stefani killed this year too and she’s not crying baby shoes about not winning.

  4. Netty

    Yeah forget Moooriah! She needs a belt to hold that hand down she was flying all over the place while singing. I thought someone was gonna get slapped! Go Kelly!!

  5. Lynn

    I thought this years grammy’s were awesome. It was the first time in a long time that I din’t fall asleep 20 minutes into it! I am happy for U2 they deserved everything they won-they have staying power. The album rocks and its totally worth the money to buy How to dismantle an Atomic Bomb! Kanye and Jamie Foxx had a great preformance-I loved it!

  6. Teresa

    What’s the deal with Gwen not winning? I hate BEP. PLease make them go away!!!

  7. JeniferWoodall

    Totally agree with the Sly Tribute.. IT COMPLETEY SUCKED ASS!!! The artists trying to sing the songs weren’t paying tribute, they were destroying the music!!!!

  8. Nichole

    Indeed…poor sly… tributes always upset me, especially for someone with the magnitude of genius of sly stone, no one can do sly justice – even if it was prince and george clinton up there (people who acutally know what sly is about instead of over singing songs .. im looking at you devon lima)
    he hasnt been seen in 15 years and his mic dosent work?… as bernie mac would say.. thats some bull

  9. cherry

    Ehh, grammy’s were cool. I loved Madonna’s performance, she looks better than most of these teeny boppers. Yeah, Wil.I.Am was a bit irritating, no one gives a flying crap who you worked with on your album, just say who won the damn award. Mariah Carey looked nice for once, I’m proud.

  10. Z

    For those of you don’t know, Mariah won 3 awards last night, none were televised though. So “poor Mariah” why?


  11. bestdress

    I thought Mariah won 3 awards? Why would you feel sorry for her because she didn’t win all of them? Her performance was one of the best last night though…she was in rare form hitting all the high notes.

    Can someone tell me what is wrong with Sly Stones neck? Was it just me or did it look as if it was stuck in the downward position???

  12. Nichole

    Sly has scoliosis (sp?) i hear

  13. Sly Fan

    Not only should Sly be insulted, so should all fans of music who were hopeful enough to sit through that trumped up poser riddled stage thinking they were actually needed to prop up the Family Stone. Lord Have Mercy. I’m certain the reason Sly wouldn’t look up or sing was because he was shell shocked by the cacophany of Will-I-Am and “That’s So Steven” Tyler…what the hell? He couldn’t get off that frickin’ stage soon enough. By the way, FISHBONE front man should be proud of Sly’s get up. FUNK OFF!

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