Grace Jones is Smokin’

August 17th, 2006 // 2 Comments

Grace Jones needs to slow down on her drug intake. She’s become slightly unhinged as of late. She recently wigged out at a “Guy’s and Dolls” performance starring Patrick Swayze, and now she’s accused of ruining an apartment she was renting in London. It seems as if the apartment sustained quite a bit of smoke and spoon damage. Yes, spoon damage.

The flat’s owners Rosalind and John Preston lodged a complaint in a London court in May, claiming, “The defendant failed to deliver the property in a tenable state. Many of the fixtures were rendered unusable as a result of being impregnated with cigarette smoke.”

The former Bond girl allegedly left the $2.7 million two-bedroom apartment in need of repairs totaling a massive $30,060. The bill includes $11,520 worth of redecoration, $4,500 for replacing the bedroom curtains and $300 for new cutlery – the spoons were found with blackened undersides as if someone had held a flame under them.

Jones’ agent, Michael Schweiger, denied the charge saying, “I have never heard of any problems with the flat. As far as I know she left it in good standing.”

Now what on earth could she having been lighting the underside of spoons for?

Grace Jones Accused of Destroying London Apartment [Starpulse]

Written by Lauren Burch

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. deeelite

    I never thought that Grace was a heroin kind of girl. I always pictured her doing blow, actually.

  2. medeastrawberry345

    Grace is high an crazy, but that is her spooky charm. I see Keith Haring in the picture,RIP. I think that she would be high enough to mess up an apartment, but what do you expect…It is GRACE JONES!

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