‘GQ’ Interviews Darren Criss (And Preps Him For Wedding Season)

May 20th, 2011 // 3 Comments

Wouldn’t it be “the most” if you brought Darren Criss to a wedding?  “Instead of a check, I brought you Darren Criss.  You’re welcome.”

GQ caught up with the Glee star in their June issue and asked about his recent rise to fame.  From the moment we heard “Teenage Dream,” it was all about Criss and his band of Warblers.  Lea Michele has some serious competition from the boy who does basement-drunk far too well (his “Maniac” dance at Rachel’s two-ticket mixer remains a crowd favorite).

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So is Criss overwhelmed by this sudden surge in fame?  Not so much.  He told GQ that life on the set is delightful,  “It’s all very relaxing.  You get a trailer on-set. You get treated really well.”

So how does he keep things low-key when not working?  He gets scruffy.  “I don’t shave when I’m not working,” Criss confessed.  Keep those eyes peeled for a bearded Blaine, kids.

Read the full article at GQ.com.

By Kelly Lynch

  1. Frank

    Lea is a better actor than Darren and well a better singer too.

    Darren is just the new shiny object. So far post Warble songs haven’t done much. Plus he sing more recent stuff so that is going to help.

  2. Jeff

    Why do writers always feel the need to “jab” at lea. I know she is the face of glee but is it really needed?

  3. Darren Criss suits GQ weddings
    Commented on this photo:

    It’s funny how he’s already trying on wedding outfits, and he hasn’t proposed to me yet ;)

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