In A Shocking Twist, One Of The Guys On ‘Gossip Girl’ Might Be Gay

So the latest rumor in TV land is that the CW’s hit show Gossip Girl will have a main character come out in future episodes. Wait a sec. Aren’t they all gay? Every guy on that show looks really gay. There’s not one hetero dude in the bunch. There is far too much hair product and way too many doe eyes through bangs for them to be into chicks. I think I can beat them all up, and I ‘m currently blaring Kylie Minogue.

Sources say that it’s a male character, and he will come out in the April 21 episode. Wasn’t the main ho’s little brother gay? Are they just confirming that? Christ, why do I care? It’s Gossip Girl! It’s not like it’s as important as Y&R!

Here are some pics of the Gossip Girl crew at the airport. The boys (Chace Crawford and Penn Badgely) are carrying Sprinkles cupcakes. Yeah, there’s some gay on that show.


More photos of Blake Lively, Penn Badgley and Chace Crawford are after the jump.

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