Blake Lively and Michelle Trachtenberg Get Their Hooker Stroll On For ‘Gossip Girl’

I will always think of Michelle Trachtenberg as Dawn from Buffy. The little sister that you hate. I would say “love to hate” but no one liked Dawn. Dawn was kind of impossible to like. They needed someone to get in danger for Buffy to save besides Willow (who got the magic and became the most powerful character on the show) but it was still very “man, that little girl is whiny.”

Anyway, Michelle is all grown up and running to every red carpet she can. Not too grown up, because co-star Blake Lively looks about ten years older than her and aren’t they supposed to be the same age? Michelle is playing a rehab friend of Blake’s Serena character and guaranteed to bring the trouble. Gossip Girl returns on April 21 and they’re bringing a gay and Dawn Summers with em’!

Blake’s shirt was popular about ten years ago, wasn’t it? She looks like En Vogue’s “Don’t Let Go” video.


12 more photos of Blake Lively and Michelle Tractenberg on the set of Gossip Girl are after the jump.

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