Blake Lively And Her Dog Swap Gossip

We seem to be enjoying a plethora of Gossip Girl cast photos lately and I’m hoping it’s getting you all excited for the new season of the tween-tastic show. Michelle Trachtenberg is signed on to do a few guest episodes and as a fan of the dearly departed Six Feet Under, I enjoyed her turn as a snooty pop princess and hope she brings the sass to the CW show as well.

Blake Lively looks like she’s going a little strawberry blonde with her hair, which is cute and all, but she should be careful not to match her dog too much. Everyone’s pretty much looking prep school sexy, but the standout of the bunch has to be Ed Westwick, who is taking the private school villain look to a whole new level.


12 more photos of Penn Badgley, Blake Lively, Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick filming Gossip Girl in New York City after the jump.

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