Gossip Does a Body Good

Not since I heard the good news about dark chocolate and red wine, have I been so excited to hear a new health discovery. Making up for my new terror over Teflon pots and pans (I’m not sure exactly what the deal is, but it’s enough to make me nervous to use them again) is this article from MSN, which says that gossiping might actually be good for your health.

“It’s a social skill, not a character flaw,” says Frank McAndrew a professor of psychology at Knox College in Galesburg, Ill. “It’s only when you don’t do it well that you get into trouble.”

Whew. Luckily, we think we’re actually pretty good at it. Or at least, we’re determined to get better at it. Remember, practice makes perfect! That’s why you should come here at least once a day. The FDA told me so.

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