The “Gossip Girl” Boys Are Prince and The Revolution

December 18th, 2007 // 4 Comments

The boys of “Gossip Girl” showed up to TRL the other day, looking all friendly and stuff. Chace looks cute and all, but the facial hair is quite jarring against his perfect, youthful features. It’s a bit too “hot Abraham Lincoln” for me. And the young Dashboard Confessional-looking kid who they’re trying to pass off as the not as fortunate underdog is actually the cutest of the bunch in my opinion. And, I have no idea how we managed to get a photograph of Lestat here, all the way to the left, since it’s supposed to be impossible to get pictures of vampires, right? Either that, or kids these days are feeling nostalgic and dressing like Prince. Is that what’s going on? I’m so old and out of touch.

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More photos of the hotties from “Gossip Girl” are after the jump.

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Photos: Splash

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Sam

    I spit up my lunch reading the “Lestat” comment!!! Touche!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. nutrihuney

    ahahaha… that is hilarious… Hot Abraham Lincoln! You are a riot Lisa – i totally see it.

  3. Persistent Cat

    Like Sam, I burst out laughing when I read “Lestat.” Too funny.

  4. Sloane

    Lestat is right! Get a load of the hair on his chest though, how old is he really? Chace makes me think of a young Rob Lowe; face so pretty that hair on it looks wrong

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