‘Gossip Girl’s’ Penn Badgley Knows Everyone Hates His Beard [PHOTOS]

New Couple Alert
Penn and Zoe Kravtiz spend some time together.
Penn Badgley grew a beard, but not just any beard, an actual bushy face-covering beard! The actor decided he’d grow it since he isn’t on set filming Gossip Girl.

The 25-year-old confessed to Vulture:

I’m probably going to shave it in about a week, but now it’s just a chance to try it out. I’ve never really had the opportunity to grow one. Why not? Because of work. And I know everybody hates it.

After five seasons with the show, the actor and his co-stars will be saying goodbye to Gossip Girl since this season will be their last, meaning that Penn will have more opportunities to experiment with facial hair.

We hope not! The-Dan-Humphrey-look suits him.