‘Gossip Girl’ Star Penn Badgley Talks Protests, Jeff Buckley & ‘Margin Call’

Is it just me or does Margin Call seem like Contagion, but about Wall Street? Like, loads of fantastic actors, many of them hot and none as hot as Gossip Girl star Penn Badgley. The actor recently talked to New York Magazine about the film, his role in the Jeff Buckley biopic, why he went to Occupy Wall Street and, of course, when Gossip Girl might end.

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So did Penn have any idea what his Margin Call character was talking about half the time? “No. No, and I don’t need to, frankly. I think of anybody in the film, my role was really just to watch and learn and keep my head above water, and that’s basically what I was doing…I think if anybody represents the lowest common denominator in the film, it’s him.” Hmm, we heard similar sentiments from Zachary Quinto, too.

Penn was also spotted at the Occupy Wall Street protest holding up a sign that said, “Bring back the Glass-Steagall Act.” Penn hopes his involvement gets others involved. “It’s not just an occupation; it’s not just a protest. It’s a movement. It’s a hopeful revolution. There are some brilliant, brilliant minds down there really trying to figure out how we as a society can find some real democracy and justice, and I think that’s incredibly important.”

Hopefully we’ll be seeing Penn on the big screen soon when his Jeff Buckley biopic, Greetings From Tim Buckley, hits theaters. About the film, Penn said, “I can say, for me, creatively, musically, professionally, spiritually, emotionally, it was a really moving event for me. And a transformative experience. And I hope that that translates on-camera.” His biopic isn’t the only one happening though, there’s another one starring Broadway actor Reeve Carney.

Obviously we all want to know what the future of Gossip Girl is. “I don’t think it can go past six. ’Cause that is what we’re contracted to.” Seriously? Because of your contracts? I highly doubt the CW will let go of such a cash cow with such studly men in it. Check out the photos from the Margin Call premiere then tell us how much you love Penn.