‘Gossip Girl’ Returns To Film Final Season With Barry Watson On Set [PHOTOS]

Blake Lively, Chace Crawford and guest star Barry Watson were seen on the New York City set of Gossip Girl today (July 17th).  Watson, who plays Lively’s love interest on the show’s final season, was seen chatting on his phone, while Lively wore a gorgeous blue sundress.

Watson, according to Zap2it, plays entrepreneur Steven Spence.  No details have emerged regarding his relationship with Lively’s character, other than the fact that they’ll be romancing one another.  French actress Zoe Aggeliki has reportedly landed the role of Spence’s sister, according to TV Fanatic and – shocker – she’ll butt heads with Serena van der Boobs.  Aggeliki also stars in R.I.P.D alongside Lively’s boyfriend, Ryan Reynolds.

True Story: When the announcement came that “7th Heaven’s Barry Watson was joining the cast” earlier in the month, I had a brain fart  and thought it was Stephen Collins.  My mind then flashed immediately to Lifetime’s The Babysitter’s Seduction.

Gossip Girl returns October 8th on The CW.