Gorgeous Model, Rob Evans, Seduces Us By Removing His Shirt…And Pants

Another Treat
Check out our latest favorite male model.
Can you think of a better way to celebrate Hump Day than with this gorgeous man? I honestly cannot.

Before today, I didn’t know I needed a guide to men’s underwear. Now I know that I need a guide to be released daily. Thank you so much, GQ Magazine, for educating me!

Let’s learn about all the ways boxer briefs can change our lives.

Rob Evans and his toned abs distract from the undergarments, but just for a brief moment.

Soccer never looked so attractive either. Well, okay, maybe I do like it a little bit more when I see someone like Louis Tomlinson getting ready for a game. I’m biased though.

What I think we all need is to treat ourselves to a few minutes of absolute beauty. You know who deserves it most? You!

Go ahead and indulge! Launch the gallery and ogle this handsome man because we all need a little eye candy to make our day a little bit brighter.