Goodbye Katie Couric, For ‘Today’

May 31st, 2006 // 16 Comments

It was all about Katie Couric this morning. We laughed, we cried (Katie cried a lot), we cringed. Poor Katie had a touch of laryngitis this morning. The show, which Katie called called “coverage of moi, ad nauseam,” was all Katie. We witnessed the horrific and sassy hairstyles that Katie sported over the years, reviewed some of her best interviews, the places she visited, and the lives she touched with her colon cancer work.

She was all about gratitude. Katie Couric is grateful for the staff, of which she feels are life long friends. She gives her last goodbyes and praises to Matt, Al and Ann sounding overly sincere. She actually quoted Zoolander during the speech.

We learned that Matt hates the term co-anchors, he prefers the term partners. Matt’s grateful for the laughter on the set of Today. Katie’s also Matt’s perfect journalistic partner. We’ll see how Meredith Viera fits in to all of that.

Couric’s favorite segment, as told to the Washington Post: Barbara Bush was giving her a tour of the White House when President George H.W. Bush walked in, and Couric turned her house tour into a live interview with the Commander in Chief.

After spending 15 years on the top-rated Today, her decision to leave couldn’t have been easy.

“It was an evolution, really,” Couric told the Los Angeles Times recently. “I always would say, ‘Would it kill me if somebody else was doing this instead of me?’ And when my contracts came up, I always thought, ‘I’m just not ready.’ But this last time I was… I do have mixed emotions because I’m going to miss everyone I work with so much. But no matter what happens, I feel really confident that I’ve made the right decision.”

Couric, 49, will be the first woman to officially head up a network evening newscast on her own and, at $15 million a year, will be the highest paid network anchor out there–of any gender.

Even though it is Katie Couric’s last day, she’s not gone yet. We’ll have her back this fall sitting behind the CBS anchor desk.

Katie Kisses “Today” Goodbye [E! Online]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. spark

    i wish katie all the best. i loved watching her on the today show and she will be missed. i know she will excel on cbs. good luck katie!

  2. Thaddeus van Worthingheimer

    I, for one, won’t miss her. I found her demeanor fake and obnoxious. I don’t watch CBS, so I’ll rarely have to see her now.

  3. las

    Won’t she go away and take her rubber face with her?

  4. Tajue

    Sayonara, Katie! Don’t let the door hit your colon on the way out!

  5. P Jay

    You are a ray of sunshine in the morning. Your persona is uplifting, inspiring.

    I am very surprised by the comments of Thaddeus. Las and Tajue. Meanness is a symptom of a wounded soul. Love is the only answer. “Love those who despise you “

  6. Marnie

    Katie is an AMAZING FORCE in support of empowering women everywhere. Any woman that knocks her obviously has low self-esteem issues.

    I look forward to seeing how she does in her next opportunity. We should all have such exciting careers!

  7. Chuck

    Kate will not be a hit, she’ll have fab ratings for a month then, the real news people will tune her out, she reads from a prompter, REAL TOUGH!!!

  8. KittyLiterati

    P Jay, you sound like that psycho Jim Cunningham from Donnie Darko.

    People are entitled to dislike Katie Couric (I being one of them), and schmaltziness is a symptom of being full of farts and sunshine.

  9. Jesse Gonzalez

    Thank goodness I can now go back to watching the Today Show! Katy, you and all your republican friends will make a good group somewhere else!

  10. Connie

    If you read it right, Jay does not challenge the right to dislike. He mentions the reasons for liking her.
    Ad hominem attacks are a sure sign of lack of thinking – my debating coach used to say.
    This Blog would be better served if you tell us why you dislike Katie.
    Rudeness seems to reflect our lowly culture.

  11. Small Fry

    I hate this fake bi*ch and if you think she is for empowering women you are way off base and may need to re-examine what you think empowerment is all about. She sure as hell doesn’t represent it.

    Nice one KittyLiterati with the farts and sunshine. Tee hee.

  12. There is something you have to love about Katie Couric. Her transformation from a gummy gymnist to your best friend to the “woman who left the highest paying job ever to end her career on a hard-hitting note,” well, Katie takes a piece of us all with her.

  13. KittyLiterati

    Connie, I don’t see how my delineating reasons for disliking Katie Couric would serve this blog better. I come here to snark. That is my sole purpose on this blog, and I have served it well for many moons.

    Further, is not your insinuation of my unintelligence not also a quasi-subtle attempt at an ad hominem attack? So according to your logic, we’re in the same boat. Gotta love it.

  14. rob

    That picture of Katie above…
    I’m very afraid. MOMMY!!! Yikes. I just shit my knickers!

  15. I will miss Katie and her chemistry with Matt, Al and Ann. I wish her well, may God Bless her and her family. I wish I could meet her some day.

  16. las

    PJay, stop with the preaching. You’re giving me diabetes, and you sound like a televangelist. Schmaltziness is the symptom of an empty soul and lots of Kinkaid prints.

    Connie, why do I have to explain why this woman annoys me? She bugs me. I find her annoying and superficial. I don’t have to be quiet about that if I don’t feel like explaining at length why I feel as I feel.

    And PJay did not offer REASONS, he offered OPINIONS. If you had a debating coach, you would know the difference.

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