Good One, Boys

The documentary Casey Affleck wanted us to believe was real…isn’t.  According to, Affleck came clean to the New York Times yesterday, crying wolf on his supposed documentary on Joaquin Phoenix, entitled I’m Still Here.  Most of us didn’t buy what Affleck was serving up, following Phoenix during his public “meltdowns,” particularly on the David Letterman show.  Apparently Letterman was in on this mockumentary and had a fine time going along with Phoenix’s act. 

What a waste of time, especially for Affleck.  He’s talented, so why follow his broseph-in-law around for two years?  This is performance art at its worst.  What’s more, Affleck hopes Phoenix earns a few awards for his “hard work.”  He told the Times:

I hope Joaquin gets nominated for all kinds of awards. He deserves it.”

Careful, Affleck.  You and Phoenix are teetering into danger Spencer Pratt territory with your crazy antics.   Better stick to doing movies with your blood relatives instead.  Speaking of strange bearded fellows, Phoenix showed up at the Hotel Excelsior (looking VERY cleaned-up) on September 6th to promote the documentary at the Venice Film Festival.  I found a review of the “documentary” from the UK’s Independent that gives it to us straight.  Final verdict all around: A very dumb career move for both men.