Good Charlotte’s Joel Madden Carries Hilary’s Purse

June 13th, 2005 // 31 Comments

Hilary Duff’s boyfriend, Joel Madden of Good Charlotte, carries her Louis Vuitton bag inside after they rode in the same car together and exited separately. Don’t you just love how men will actually hold a purse, so as to not look like they are “carrying” a purse.

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. A Boy and His Dog

    Holding vs. Carrying — Because the tattos don’t make him look butch enough

  2. cakeboy

    oh baby. why do good
    reasonably hot menz always
    fall for folks like
    duff? ughh. i havent been
    so sad since that cutie from
    90210 got married to a girl.
    furthermore, i cant see how
    she could afford the vuitton.
    probably cost her a years wage.
    god i hate her face!

  3. J

    I think I saw another pic of him “holding” her purse in US Weekly. Gotta love that!

  4. I’m not sure what it is but I actually find him rediculously attractive. Hilary did alright for herself indeed.

  5. miguelito

    this is actually a shot from the vuitton runway… just watch that catwalk technique

  6. brandi

    Does he even OWN any clothes that aren’t from his own, dumb line? And isn’t that the same as wearing your own band’s shirt even though you have lots of clean laundry?

  7. DuffBeerForYouDuffBeerforMe

    Everyone know the Duffster keeps the Bolivian marching powder in her purse!

  8. denise

    joel is the hottest dude in the whole world!!!!! and hillz is the lukiest girl to be able to be with him and kiss him! i love you joel

  9. IncontactwithGC

    if u dont like the boys then keep your mind to yourselves. we know the boys very well and they are very sweet guys and its joels choice if he wants 2 be with hilary not yours ok its what makes him happy…

  10. predictably unpredictable

    hilary wouldnt exactly be my #1 choice in the world and to tell you the truth i was shocked when i found out about their relationship. but oh well… as long as he’s happy. thats their business. i’ll always love GC even if they’re with a bunch of ugly crack whores (not sayin anything about hilary just in general if they were literally with a bunch of crack whores) i’d love em anyway. GC rocks \m/\m/

  11. riotgurl369

    hey! i think joel and hil are such a cute and unusuall couple. hes totaly punk and shes preppy and when they collide its so cute. hes so sweet to her! she is so lucky to have a bf like that! im so jelouse! i dont think ive ever seen a guy hold a purse for some one whos not around! well i just think it is sweet!! awwwwwwwwww!!


  12. ChangedbyGC

    Wow you really know them,IncontactwithGC?Damn your seriously lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I would kill 2 meet them!!!!!!!!!!!!!Tell them 2 come do a show at Pensacola Civic Center in Florida!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LoL I honestly don’t care about Joel and Hillary.
    If they’re happy dating,more power to them.
    I really love GC and don’t have a prob with Hill.
    Even if I did have a prob with Hill,it certainly wouldn’t be because of her and Joel.And Joel is a nice peice of ass and a really great guy so she’s really lucky to have him.LoL.
    < (^*~Heather~*^)>

  13. tina

    i have been a GC fan for about 8 years now and i met them in 2000. they are such sweet guys im just so uber happy that he found someone and hilary seems like such a great gal… best wishes for them

  14. vampire_genevieve

    joel is my dream. i swear i created him in my mind. hes too good to be true, and i have almost succeeded in convincing myself that he’s not real and i just dream everything about him. i mean look at him! everything about him is just so perfect. inside and out. hilary is the luckiest girl in the world, but i still hate her and i hope that they break up soon…even though its going to break my heart to see joel cry/mope. it seems that he breaks up kinda hard….poor joel…
    i love you…

  15. kristy

    i hope that hilary and joel will NEVER break up. they make a great couple. and they’ve been together for a year now, so that means they love each other very much! age doesnt matter, right?????

  16. jordan

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE HILARYS GUTS!!!! SHE SOULD DIE AND BURN IN HELL!!!!! shes going out with the 2nd hottest guy in the world (BENJI IS THE HOTTEST) and yeah!

  17. ilovehimsomuch


  18. Daisy

    HILARY DUFF IS A BITCH SHE IS STUPID JOEL MADDEN DOES NOT MAKE A NICE COUPLE WITH HER BECAUSE HE IS TO FINE FOR THAT RAT FACE…..GOOD CHARLOTTE ROCKS I’M DISAPOINTED OF JOEL BECAUSE WHEN I FOUND OUT THAT HE WAS WITH THIS BITCH I WAS LIKE OH HELL KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!! I was pist off….. Please benji or the whole band ditch the bitch….. Seriousely…….. Fuck hilary slut hoe bitch…. I wish u were dead……. U know that’s why mostly people don’t like u bitch posser… GOOD CHARLOTTE ROCKS 1# fan for life…….

  19. jen

    I think that these people who actually take the time to think about these two as a couple are LOSERS. Get a life do you think the are wasting time worring about and by the way if you hate her so much don’t listen to her,your wasting a lot of energy hating on some one that you’d probly pee your pants if you ever seen her. IDIOT BY the way I could agree more he is Funking HOTTT

  20. allure-babe

    honestly u retards are gay who say
    “hilary duff is a slut hoe bag blah blah”
    know your fucking shit. do u know her personally?
    obviously not and just cause shes dating
    some guy you have a “MAJOR” crush on doesnt
    mean u have to go fucking dissing her
    your just as lame as all these tabloids.
    what happens between them is there thing.
    so fuck off really. people who say shit bout
    people they dont know about are retarded. its
    called KARMA bitch. watch it. =)

  21. yeah.. i dont listen to good charlotte much anymore… joel sold out… i mean… HILLARY DUFF?! wtf…. if they came to houston again… i wouldnt buy tickets. i know of 10 people who are now x-fans…. damn…. joel…. u coulda had me!! hah… but yeah… SELLOUT

  22. Tink

    Hi. Joel rox. but billys better. and u ppl hu r disapointed about joel and hilary, look on the bright side, at least benji’s not dating brittney spears.

  23. Rachel and Nataliee

    joel rocks hillery sucks

  24. Anna

    joel is committing a big mistake!!!i mean come on, HILARY DUFF out of all people! but oh well if he likes her thats his prob. all i have to say is good like with that “relationship” of yours.

  25. Ok…first off I HATE HILARY!!! She sux…can’t sing to save her own life!!! And Joel is MINE!!!! All MINE!!! Yea I’m happy he’s happy…but come on, HILARY DUFF!! I read something in a mag that she said she was ” a rocker at heart”! Please..she can’t even carry a pop tune or her own flippin’ PURSE!! If I was him…I would tell her that her arms aren’t broken and she can carry her own shit!!! And 4 all ya’ll who think hilary ain’t a poser…*NEWS FLASH* she is!!! I can’t stand that preppy bitch..and I’d tell it to her straight in the face!!! That’s all I’m gonna say!! Peace! I <3 Joel Madden

  26. sami

    im think that she is so stupid for joel i really dont understand these couple

  27. joelmaddenishot4eva

    im glad that joel is dateing hilary cuz FACE IT they like each other. and joel likes hilary and hilary likes joel. if any of u out there like joel so much and ur his biggest fan then u would happy for him. and if u REALLY like joel then u would probibly know that joel would probibly be SO MAD at u peeps for talking about his girlfreind like that. u think he would be mad.YUP! U PEEPS SHOULD BE HAPPY THAT JOEL HAS A GIRLFREIND and it doesn’t matter if its hilary duff. she’s a nice person.

  28. joelmaddenishot4eva

    im happy for joel madden. hilary seems like a nice person.(and face it,hilary is really luky to know and be going out with joel madden)he’s the HOTTEST guy eva.

  29. Laura

    i love u hilary no matter what they say, you are my superstar. YOU ARE A GREAT SINGER HIL DO NOT FORGET THAT

    Your friend, Laura Fong

  30. joelmaddenisHOT4eva

    all u peeps who say joel madden is yours then u r so wrong. he’s mine. oh…..and stop dissing hilary duff. she is a very nice person. i bet uanything that if joel read the things u said about his girlfriend, then he would probibly kill u. SO STOP!

  31. hey well i love joel and i liked hilary since she started coming out on t.v but i think theyre a great cuple… it’s his life and he does what he likes when he WANTS and hes not going to care if his fans or her fans likes it or not so leave them alone please… and if it makes them happy then they make me happy too!!! and if any opf yall want to talk about joel or whatever you can add me at bye

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