Good Idea Or Bad Idea: Pippa Middleton Not Doing Press For ‘Celebrate’ [PHOTOS]

Word on the street is that Pippa Middleton intends to do not a stitch of press ahead of her book release.

Celebrate: A Year Of Festivities For Family And Friends is due out October 30th, but a Viking Press representative confirmed to The Daily Beast’s Tom Sykes that “Pippa is not doing anything for us. She is not coming here to do interviews and is not available for anything, unfortunately.”


After Prince Harry’s Las Vegas indiscretions and her sister’s topless photo scandal, Middleton is doing everything she can to avoid pissing off the royal family.  UK sources told Sykes that St. James’s Palace has been a “nightmare” to deal with in allowing Middleton to speak to the press. 

New York Daily News claims that Middleton’s turned down offers from Oprah to Anderson, and everywhere in between (Entertainment Tonight even reportedly asked her to be a special correspondent).  It appears she wants to avoid any and all questions pertaining to the Duchess of Cambridge, and wants very badly not to upset her and William.

Middleton was paid $500,000 for the book, and without any press there is no determining how well it will do.  To be fair, her loyalty is to the royal family and her own personal relationships.  However, Middleton is a private citizen and should be entitled to promote her own business without the risk of it looking tacky.

Last night, Middleton attended a private party at Loulou’s in Mayfair along with Zac Goldsmith, Jemima Khan, Princess Eugenie and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Do you think it’s a bad idea for Middleton to skip press for her upcoming book?  Let us know your thoughts in our comments section below.